Namibgrens farm

The farm Namibgrens runs in the Rabie family since 1940. The old spacious farmhouse has been renovated and turned into a relaxed haven surrounded by a lovely garden. The summer temperatures is not very high, 10°C lower than that of the Namib desert and 5°C lower than Windhoek.

The large garden and abundance of water create an ideal environment for bird watchers with a variety of all types of species. Views from the 1850 meter high escarpment into the Namib desert are breath-taking. The farm can be explored by foot on well marked hiking trails from 2 hours to 3 days or by going on a 2-3 hour game / farm drive. A 4X4 self-driving trail takes the visitor on a challenging and picturesque adventure, with overnights (Granite Rock Camp) and camping grounds at the farmhouse and in the mountains. For the mountaineer we offer hiking trails up and around mountains 2700 meter high.

Go and see Bobby the baboon, herding the sheep